Caballos Besando "Mini" Drop

New Arrival - The "Caballos Besando Mini" Necklace 

or "Mini Kissing Horses" Necklace

Our newest arrival is the "Caballos Besando Mini" or "Mini Kissing Horses" necklace. "Caballos Besando" means "Horses Kissing" in Spanish. The "Caballos Besando Mini" is a Stick & Ball original design. A perfect gift for any age, this pendant is quintessentially equestrian with our signature modern look. Each piece comes stamped with the Stick & Ball logo on the reverse. A mini version of our iconic Caballos Besando necklace, our first necklace design. 


Limited quantities in stock. Allow 3-4 weeks for pre-order.

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This is your necklace with the 2 horses kissing Sterling silver?

Lynn Whitehead September 16, 2022

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