Sandalwood Temple Scented Candle - Sana Jardin

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Sensual and enveloping, the candle incarnation of Sandalwood Temple will turn your home into an intimate sanctuary.  The warm, rustic notes are anchored by rich sandalwood, a scent associated with spiritual cleansing and transcendence. Its richness is heightened by cedarwood, sweet neroli from Morocco and earthy Haitian vetiver, making it the ideal backdrop to a blissful evening. 

Moroccan orange blossom, North African neroli, musk

All Sana Jardin candles are vegan, and made with 100% vegetable was and with a lead-free cotton-wick.

Sana Jardin is the world’s first socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house, blazing a revolutionary trail in scent, spirit and humanity.