Happy New Year! Adios 2020 — hola 2021.

Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn Founder Stick & Ball with her Polo Ponies
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H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

Adios 2020 — hola 2021. We are throwing up our sombrero and raising our glass to you! You stood by us through the thick and v e r y thin this year. We couldn’t have done it without you and send you a huge, heartfelt thank you!

This 2021 year, we celebrate 10 years as a business. After this past year, that means a lot!

To kick start our 10 year anniversary, I am going to start off the year with a little activity and would love for you join along. For the first10 days of the New Year, I wrote down 10 positive thoughts and activities. Feel free to copy / print and cut into strips. Put one in your pocket every morning for the first ten days of the New Year to start each day with a positive thought and action. Kind of like a fortune cookie with a little activity.

Day 1

Shoot for the stars.
It is a new day in a new year with a blank canvas & you are the artist.

What do you want this year to look like? Put pen to paper and draw what you want to happen this year.

Day 2
Treat yourself.
Start today by doing one thing for yourself you have been intending to do — meditation, massage, Duolingo Italian, leaving your phone behind and going on a long hike. You choose! Tomorrow, repeat — do something for yourself every morning before you start your day.

Day 3

Move yourself outside.

Pick a time to spend at least 30 minutes outside simply focusing on how good it feels to move. Repeat daily.

Day 4
Take five really deep breathes at least three times today and remember how that feels.

Day 5
Trust yourself.
You have great instincts. Put on your AirPods and tune into your gut! The decisions you have put off have answers that lie within. Get to it.

Day 6
Today, count how many times you can smile at a stranger, even if under your mask. If you are staying inside, simply smile multiple times today and remember how good smiles feel.

Day 7

Let your resilience shine.

Today, remember you have it in you! You really can do it, you strong person you. Visualize yourself on the other side of the pass. Draw yourself as the champion who has finished the climb.

Day 8

Be a mentor.
Find someone in your life who you know needs a little help and reach out to be a mentor to them in whatever way you can. Giving back fills the bucket fast. Repeat as often as possible in 2021.

Day 9
Have hope.
For the things that may continue to be sad or upsetting or challenging, remember you are not alone and this too shall pass. Write down the outcome you want to see or feel.

Day 10

Know you are loved!
No matter how alone you may feel, know you are loved. Remember this daily and keep this one in your pocket all 2021.



We humbly celebrate 10 years as a brand in 2021. Thank you for your support throughout the years.
We wish you and your family health and happiness in this new year!

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