Soul Mahogany Wood x Bright Ginger Diffuser

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Discover and shop our collection of candles and diffusers that are fashionable and elegant by APOTHIA. Founder and Creator, Ron Robinson blends art, luxurious ingredients and world-class craftsmanship. A combination of ‘Apothecary + Utopia’, APOTHIA evokes images of serenity and beauty with a modern sensibility.

African Ginger, Rich Mahogany, Deep Tamboti Wood, Grains of Paradise. Sulfate-Free, Phthalates-Free, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic. A clean essential oil blend creating an aromatic experience that will elevate your home into an oasis for the senses.

Remove stopper and insert sticks. Invert sticks to refresh. 

9 – 12 Months of Diffusion 200ml | 6.8oz | Designed and hand crafted in Los Angeles