FAQ - S&B Rewards Program


Question: How do I join S&B Rewards Club?

Answer: If you already have an existing Stick & Ball account, simply login to be added to the program. If you do not have an existing Stick & Ball account, click here to join. 

Question: How do I know if I already have an account?

Answer: If you created a login with a password, you have created an account. If you have purchased from us before as a guest, you will need to create a new account here

Question: If I'm subscribed to the Stick & Ball newsletter, do I automatically have a S&B Rewards Club account? 

Answer: No. If you are subscribed to our email list, you will need still need to either login with your existing Stick & Ball account or create an account if you have not already. Our email list is separate from our S&B Rewards Club.

Question: I received an error message saying I have an account and can reset my password. 

Answer: If you already have an account registered with the email you are inputting, simply login to your existing account, and if you've forgotten your password, you can reset here

Question: I have more than one account - can I combine accounts for points?

Answer: It is possible to have more than one account if you have signed up with more than one email. At this time, we are unable to combine accounts. 

Question: I just signed up for an account but did not get an email verifying the account.

Answer: Please check your spam or junk folder. If you find it, please click on it to activate the account. If you did not find it in your spam folder, please contact customer service at info@stickandball.com


Question: Can I leave more than one product review to earn more than 50 points? 

Answer: Yes, you can leave a review for as many products as you have purchased and earn points for each. You are able to submit one review per day. You are only able to submit reviews for products you have purchased through your existing S&B Club account


Question: I have purchased in the past, am I credited points for previous purchases?

Answer: No. Because we are just beginning this program in August 2021, we are not able to credit past purchases.

Question: I didn’t get my 100 points when I signed in.

Answer: If you did not get your points for signing up, please contact customer service at info@stickandball.com. 

Question: I left a product review but didn’t get my 50 points.

Answer: Please contact customer service and provide us with your account information including whether this was an online/in-store purchase, the product, the date of purchase and date of review. 

Question: Is there a minimum order amount for redeeming points?

Answer: No. You can apply points to all eligible orders.