Principles of Doing Business

The prices of our products reflect the fair purchase price paid to our artisans.  Our pieces are unique, yet timeless, and reflect our dedicated commitment to quality. Our Knitted Ponchos are hand produced by small, family owned companies in the Andes mountains.  Their business was recognized by the US AID for a Poverty Reduction and Alleviation Program.  They were chosen due to the quality of their products, fair wages paid to employees, and ability to grow and assist their community through job creation.  Our Woven Ponchos and Throws are also made by artisans paid fairly and handsomely for their masterful work through a project to help alleviate poverty and augment textile education in mining communities.  Our Jewelry, each piece, is forged or cast by hand in New York.  Our Leather Belts are hand stitched by artisans of Argentina. Our Leather Bags & Wallets are made of Italian, vegetable tanned leather and hand constructed in California. And, in August, in response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, we launched Tees with Ties, a gifting program to those in need to match the sale of our popular Printed Tees with various philanthropic efforts. 

We believe in the quality of our products and feel good knowing our sales make a difference in the lives of many families.  In addition to working with socially responsible companies, we have supported countless charities since our inception. 

Making a difference is literally woven into who we are! Thank you for being a part of our family of producers, retailers, and customers.

- Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn, Founder and Creative Director


         Stick & Ball Ponchos Woven