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with the founder of Stick & Ball, Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn






Mongolian Luxury Polo & Sporting Adventure

G E N G H I S  K H A N  P O L O  C L U B
July 1 - 10, 2018

Saddle up this summer for an unforgettable luxury adventure in Mongolia!


Adult per person $5000; Children 12 and under $3000

The Experience

This incredible luxury adventure is an all-inclusive immersion polo and riding experience in Mongolia at the Genghis Khan Polo Club with founder of luxury lifestyle brand, Stick & Ball. The trip includes nine nights accommodations, food, beverage, transfers, guiding, horseback, polo and archery lessons. Guests are greeted at the Ulaanbaatar International Airport and taken to relax at the Shangri-La Hotel for one night, before complimentary 4x4 vehicle transfers to the luxury yurt camping at the Genghis Khan Polo Club for seven nights.

A menu of activities awaits at the polo club, including, personalized polo and riding clinics for adults & children, playing polo with international guests on the famed Mongolian horses, kayaking, mountain biking, traditional archery, kendo, yoga and fishing. While at the club, guests will dine in fine attire each evening with incredible Asian inspired cuisine. The week will culminate with a polo tournament of guests and professional polo players on the beautiful Steppe where the great Khan princes and princesses once played.



  • Accommodation for 20 guests (suggested stay of 7 to 10 days)
  • Located in the Orkhon National Park
  • 90 polo and riding horses
  • Personalized polo and riding clinics
  • Trip accommodates solo travelers or entire families (nannies available)
  • One exhibition polo field and 2 polo-training fields
  • Extreme comfort in traditional Mongol tented camp with gers (yurts), luxury tents immaculately styled felt-walled with rich bright colors and cashmere blankets
  • Exceptional food and bar, musical entertainment, black tie dinners
  • Mountain biking, archery, yoga, kendo, fishing, hiking and kayaking, rock climbing, river swims, massages
  • “Kharakhorin” history and cultural site excursion, Nadaam Festival of wrestling, archery, horse race, music and opera

  • Overnight horse treks to nearby high-altitude lakes, hot springs, and volcanoes in pristine wilderness
  • Transportation to/from the capital Ulaanbaatar provided on asphalt roads
  • Optional visit to local orphanage in Ulaanbaatar for our Tees with Ties program
  • Optional shopping excursion of local cashmere
  • First and last night stay in the capital at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel

All-inclusive immersion polo and riding experience in Mongolia at Genghis Khan Polo Club including 9 night accommodations, food, beverage, transfers, guiding, horseback, polo and archery lessons, signature event polo jersey and apparel 

Optional polo gear package available at $1275 inclusive of polo boots, polo helmet, polo gloves, and polo foot mallet. Individualized packages available based on gear needs.  Gear available at no additional cost during stay at GKPC

Travel Notes

Mongolia is an interesting place to learn and play polo— the country is in the middle of a Polo renaissance. Although the Mongols’ cavalry used to play polo in the Medieval period, it fell into obscurity until 13 years ago when it was brought back as a national sport thanks mostly to Christopher Giercke, founder of Gonke Tengri and Genghis Khan Polo Club and his vision to bring back polo to the steppe.

Stick & Ball founder Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn, member of the U.S. International Polo Committee, traveled to Mongolia in 2015 and spent time with the Gierckes and the Mongol families involved in the club.  She was deeply inspired by the Mongolian people, the good will fostered by the non-for-profit club as well as the beauty of Mongolia and is very excited to share it with you. 

Dear friends,

There is a certain magic in adventure holidays and this bucket list trip of learning to play polo in the Mongolian Steppe is truly magical. Whether traveling solo or with family and friends, this is an extraordinary experience for all. In addition to being immersed in the culture of the Mongolian people, you will meet new friends from all corners of the globe.  Mongolia's Genghis Khan Polo Club offers an unforgettable polo and riding experience in one of the most untamed, unspoiled, rugged and breathtaking landscapes on earth. I can't wait to share this amazing trip with you!