Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

At the heart of Stick & Ball, each thread holds a story of heritage, community and sustainability. Our brand was founded while hosting farm-to-table events in the polo community, gathering people together at the table, sharing food, culture and conversation. My love of feeding others has drawn me and our team to the incredible work of Chef José Andrés and his not-for-profit, World Central Kitchen. This special organization of volunteers around the world is devoted to providing meals to individuals and communities facing crisis and natural disasters. 

Our brand has always been more than just products; it's a celebration of timeless style intertwined with a commitment to positive change. Since our founding, we have supported numerous non profit organizations. The mission of the World Central Kitchen and Chef Andrés dedication to providing meals to those in the wake of crisis continues to resonate deeply with our ethos, prompting us to ask ourselves again, "How can we contribute?"

This Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to philanthropy, seemed like the perfect opportunity to lean in. On November 28th, we pledge to donate 10% of our sales to support the meaningful mission of World Central Kitchen. It is an embodiment of our belief that, as a community, we can make an impact.

The decision to support World Central Kitchen isn't just a one-time effort; it's a step towards fostering a community that cares about the world beyond fashion. It's about weaving a narrative where heritage, sustainability and community converge in a beautiful story of purposeful living.

On Giving Tuesday, we extend our hands toward the work of World Central Kitchen, and invite our community to join us in this cause. With each purchase, we will help make a difference to those in a time of crisis. Together, let's make this Giving Tuesday a celebration of style and substance, where every thread tells a story of impact and hope.

With gratitude,


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