2017: Reflecting

2017 was a powerful, dynamic year.  We weathered fires in California and the Northwest, floods in Houston and the Southeast and massive political storms in D.C. and throughout our country.  The forces that be certainly were efficacious in keeping us on our toes!  With each challenge surmounted, we amass strength to rise above what lies ahead. Personally, in my own journey as an entrepreneur and single mom, I have learned to be adaptive and the word "pivot" is status quo and has been for a few years.  I have learned not to sweat the small things, but I am grateful for the big and the tiny.

In looking back on 2017, I'm proud of our small team and grateful of our amazing clients and friends for all that we accomplished.   In the midst of many fashion brands boarding up brick and mortars, we opened our flagship store in Mill Valley, California.  We feel that connecting with our clients is more than sending an email and having a website.  Since our opening, we have visited with hundreds of you and shared stories of your first riding experience, your love of the countryside and equal admiration of luxurious and high quality pieces for your wardrobe and home with an international meets town and country inspiration. 

In an equal effort to connect with our clients, we traversed the highways and mountains of the great Northwestern USA in an Airstream pop-up-shop.  When planning this trip, I truly had no clue what was in store so the journey was met equally with excitement and trepidation.  We loved hosting our pop up shops and entertaining fieldside at some of the most beautiful polo clubs in the country.  My children and I rented polo horses to play chukkers as we traveled, a true luxury to show up to the polo field and have incredible horses ready to ride.  There were hilarious bloops:  flat tires, a rolling Airstream after my first un-hitch, a bear break while in Aspen, border interrogation in Canada (note:  as a single parent leaving the country with your children- travel with a letter from your spouse approving the trip) and a moment of panic while being swept away in wild currents in Jackson Hole with my daughter while on a polo player river rafting field trip.  Our Hess wine and cheese soirees and farm-to-table dinners at the Aspen Valley and Jackson Hole Polo Clubs were incredible highlights.  We stretched tables down the polo field and hosted delectable feasts from local farmers.  I love our community of equestrians and friends that appreciate great food, wine and conversation and hope you can join us at some of our events in 2018.

The year ahead is very exciting for our company!  We have many new products and designs that will make their debut, including a luxurious, Italian-leather-trimmed alpaca poncho with lovely tassels- an all season piece that will raise the bar in sporty, luxury outerwear.  We have been busy with our Italian cohorts producing handmade, Italian linen shirts, exquisite hand rolled and sewn Italian silk scarves, a luxurious collection of sweaters in our first ever knitwear collection and much more.  As always, we are designing timeless, heritage pieces with a focus on quality, sustainability and longevity.

Our polo travels in 2018 will take us once again to our favorite spots around the U.S.  In February, we will be in Vero Beach, Palm Beach and Wellington at Windsor, International Polo Club and Grand Champions Polo Club, March in Palm Springs at Empire and Eldorado Polo Clubs, a trip to Houston Polo Club in May, summer in the Northwest in Petaluma, Jackson Hole, Aspen and Portland and finishing off summer in the Hamptons, incredible polo at Greenwich Polo Club and back to California for paradise in the fall at the beautiful Santa Barbara Polo Club.  We welcome you to visit us at our pop up shops and are happy to make a personal introduction to our favorite sport of polo!

On this New Year's Eve, I am raising my glass to you.  Thank you for loving what we are so passionate about- horses, farm living, polo, food & wine, travel, sustainability and fashion.  Chin chin, salud, cheers, salute and see you in the New Year!




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