Father Figure

Father Figure - Father of the bride, Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn
Strong values, a solid work ethic, a tireless volunteer in the community, a firm sense of self and never shy on speaking his mind about politicians or policies (or sports) — this is my dad. I followed him to his office when a child, I shadowed him in his dark room developing photography, and tinkered in his shop filled with endless projects and tools, all the while, absorbing like a sponge, the values he modeled.  

As one of my first mentors, so much of who I am began with dad's (and mom’s) teachings and the way he has lived his life with my mom.  He taught me the basics and inspired me to new levels. If it is broken, you can fix it. If there is a problem, you can solve it. You can invent it, design it, or build it. If you fall, get back up- here's a hand. If it is unjust, stand up for what is right. Beauty lies within. Speak up, back your opinion. Strong hugs, big, big smiles.

He didn't miss one of my games or swim meets or track meets in high school and he now never misses the chance to make me a welcoming Sazarac and embrace me with a huge hug as soon as I arrive back home to Louisiana from California for a visit.

Thank you, dad, and to the all of the dads who are teachers, mentors, role models, protectors, providers and loving fathers.  Now, more than ever, we need your love and hugs, and your example of conviction and encouragement to stand up to what is right and just in our world.

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Huge bear hugs,

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Thank you, Margarita! We miss not seeing you in the store and hope to have an upon house soon in our design studio across the street! Be in touch and take good care of you and your family! xx

Elizabeth June 10, 2020

Elizabeth this is a beautiful picture with your Dad!
Also all the words you cheered!. No surprise you are a strong and talents creative women.
Wishing all the best!!❣️

Margarita Aleman June 10, 2020

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