Springtime at the Ranch


In Northern California, spring means rolling hills carpeted in long, verdant grasses with fiery orange California poppies waving in unison with the wind.   We finally managed to capture our latest spring/summer collection in this breathtaking landscape for the first time out at the ranch.

We had a crew in for the photo shoot from England and L.A. I planned to cook for everyone showcasing the fresh, magnificent bounty of Marin County.  Joining us were friends from our local polo club and other dear-to-me souls I rarely see due to my head being so buried in work and raising children.  I love to cook and it is never a chore, but little did I know our water pipes would break the evening before at the ranch.  Imagine a few days of photo shoots and a big farm to table dinner without any running water.  But farm life (and life) is just that- expect the unexpected.  The crew was flexible on the photo shoot (thanks guys!) and the dinner guests never knew- glad they were wine drinkers.  Somehow we pulled it off.



Speaking of pulling it off, lately in interviews and conversations, a question continues to arise- how do you manage to balance it all - work and children?  I've read so many interviews of moms giving tips on this topic.  From me to you, I somehow manage to just pull it off- never perfect, never seemingly in balance, just somehow getting by.  Don't ever let the photos fool you. Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms just barely getting by and those of you who seem to have it all pulled together through the pretty pics!

If you are searching for some great spring pieces, here is our Spring Collection featuring our new Italian Linens- made just for you.  When purchasing over $100 between now and Sunday, I am gifting you a free canvas leather-handled tote- it will automatically go to your cart.  Cheers from me to you!



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