Our Brand

Stick & Ball is an authentic, luxurious, apparel and lifestyle brand inspired by the sport of polo in the countryside.  We embody the lifestyle, culture and passion of this most ancient team sport.  Our designs take inspiration from the rolling country hills of California down to the vast pampas in Argentina and touch down on the Andes in between.  We adore the horse.  We love the Argentine asado, the North American BBQ, tango, salsa and the square dance.  We cherish old leather boots as much as the most coveted high heals.  And the amazing sport of polo, whether played casually in the countryside, on the beaches of Mexico or in Palermo, Argentina, is what has driven us to create this line and share it with you.

Apparel & Home

Stick & Ball's passion is to produce gorgeous, quality pieces that transcend seasons and can transition easily within your wardrobe from day to evening.

The Stick & Ball Poncho is our signature piece.  Our ponchos are luxurious, hand knitted and woven and can be worn anywhere from the countryside to the city and everywhere in between.  These original, thoughtful designs are matched with superior hand craftsmanship and the finest of fibers.  We offer classic, hand-sewn, alpaca blankets, hand sewn leather belts, horse and geometric embroidered socks, and other fun, equestrian-inspired pieces.

We have paired our apparel with handmade jewelry by Federico Alzaga of Aracano in Argentina.  As we explore the history and traditions of textiles and designs throughout South America, we adore his Andes inspired treasures.  They are ancient and bold, yet elegant and modern.  Some pieces are unique to Aracano and others are designs of Stick & Ball.  We simply love the collaboration and hope you love these pieces as much as we do. 

About Us

Founder and Creative Director of Stick & Ball, Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn lives the authentic, daily life of her equestrian, country polo-inspired brand.  A San Francisco Bay Area resident, Elizabeth is a designer, polo player, mom, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  Elizabeth’s brand, Stick & Ball, was founded in the fall of 2011 out of her passion for horses and fashion and an amalgam of her life experiences in the Deep South, the West Coast, Latin America and her extensive travels throughout the world. 

Elizabeth became an active polo player in the rolling hills of Sonoma and Marin Counties where the cow pastures, dairy farms, old barns, wild turkeys and horse paddocks in her own backyard reminded her so much of the South American landscape that she had come to love in her travels.  Through this experience Elizabeth's vision for a global, polo-inspired brand was born.  Ponchos, knitted berets, espadrilles, cowboys boots, Latin, country and bluegrass music, Argentine asados and pig roasts and one of the most thrilling, team sports in the world all combine to create an atmosphere of on-field and field-side living that is both convivial and inspiring.

Principles of Doing Business

Our prices reflect the fair purchase price paid to our artisans.  Our pieces are unique, yet timeless, and reflect our commitment to quality. Our knitted ponchos are hand produced by  small, family owned companies in the Andes mountains.  Their business was recognized by the US AID for a Poverty Reduction and Alleviation Program.  They were chosen due to the quality of their products, fair wages paid to employees and ability to grow and assist their community through job creation.  Our woven ponchos and throws are also of artisans paid fairly and handsomely for their work.  We believe in the quality of our products and feel good knowing our sales make a difference in the lives of many families.  In addition to working with socially responsible companies, we have supported countless charities since our inception.  Making a difference is woven into who we are!