Hamptons & Greenwich

The East Coast is steeped in heritage and tradition and by no means is there an exception when it comes to equestrian sports.  Two of the largest outdoor equestrian social scenes, the Hampton Classic and the East Coast Open Polo Tournament, are deep rooted events since the early 1900s and symbolize excellence, tradition, and sportsmanship with a heavy social scene to boot.  These events are the signature grand finale events of summer for many and wrapped up our own summer journey of pop-ups around the country.

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This year was our second year with a pop-up-shop at the Hampton Classic Horse Show.   One of the largest outdoor horse shows in the United States, this premier destination show attracts the top jumpers from around the world for some of the richest prize money offered in the country.  Stick & Ball was a part of the beautiful "boutique garden" where equestrians and fans alike enjoy perusing the grounds for fashion and home decor. 

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch during the Grand Prix with Chateau d'Esclans where the banquet table featured their acclaimed Cotes de Provence Whispering Angel Rose and a fab list of guests from the equestrian world including Horse & Style Magazine publisher Sarah Appel.  We topped off our trip to the Hamptons with a Horse & Style magazine photoshoot of young, beautiful, and talented jumper Taegan Long styled in a variety of Stick & Ball pieces among the rings.

Nestled in the beautiful back-country of Greenwich, Connecticut, the Greenwich Polo Club is internationally recognized for its long history in U.S. polo and its annual roster of legendary teams and players.  Since 1905, the Perry Cup trophy has symbolized the East Coast Open championship and attracts some of the world's top polo players.   Stick & Ball helped to kick off the tournament at Shreve, Crump and Low with players and fans gathered at the store on Greenwich Avenue.  Polo ponies came down to the avenue from White Birch Farm to meet and greet with the public, and players were on hand to sign autographs before the official draw announcement.  Our home decor was featured upon entering the storied storefront along Greenwich Avenue and all guests received a Stick & Ball gift bag.  It was great to be a part of this special event with Greenwich Polo Club, Shreve, Crump and Low, Hublot, and Audi

We rounded out our trip to Greenwich with a pop up next to the grandstands at the finals of the tournament.  What a nail biting series of games with intense polo playing between Postage Stamp Farm, Hublot, Audi and GSA!  Congratulations to GSA for their final victory championing this year's 2017 East Coast Open. 



Hampton images by Sarah Appel of Horse & Style Magazine; Greenwich Kick Off Party images courtesy of Marcelo Bianchi, Chichi Ubina and Peter Michaelis. Polo playing images by Peter Michaelis.

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