Leather Love

"I love the smell of leather" is often one of the first things we hear from visitors to the Stick & Ball flagship store and our pop up shops around the country. It's a scent inextricably tied to equestrian life and also connects us to Fall - when a sharp new bag or wallet is the easiest way to step into the more polished style of the season.

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Our signature bags, wallets, and newly arrived tassel keychains are made of vegetable-tanned Italian leather, which means they are free of harmful chemicals, using an old-world, artisanal process that offers a naturally earthy and woody scent. The process happens slowly in wooden drums using natural tannins found in bark, branches, leaves, and fruits, and gives each batch a unique quality.

It is by no coincidence that my friend Neely Mack, who consulted closely with me on our wallets and bags, is a naturalist and beginning her own lifestyle guide to true health and longevity in her new venture Project You. Sharing a mission of both personal and environmental health, we were in complete alignment on the ethos of our leather collection.

Vegetable tanned fine leather also ages beautifully and, with its superior strength, can last a lifetime. Like a favorite bridle or saddle, when cared for properly, our bags and wallets only get better with age and take on the character of the life you lead.

It was also important to me to have all of our bags and wallets sewn in the USA, supporting domestic manufacturing and giving us careful control over their handmade quality. Details like a natural suede lining ensure a soft touch and fine brass hardware will hold up to years of use.

A lot of thought has also gone into the stable of styles in our collection. We call our Palermo Soho Tote the "bombshell of chic totes," a show horse if you will, while the Wellington Weekender is a handsome and utterly reliable work horse. The Indio Cross Body is perennially on trend for Fall and an all-purpose favorite all year long. Our Zip/Clutch Wallets are roomy enough to carry on their own and the Square Zip Wallets can tuck into the smallest of bags.

In a palette of classic, complementary colors, many of our customers find themselves acquiring a set of our bags and wallets (not unlike a string of polo ponies) that will work together beautifully for virtually any occasion or endeavor. Start here to find yours. 





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