That childhood feeling of counting down the last days of school with eager anticipation of the onset of summer has taken hold of me, perhaps for the first time since I was a child. The last week of June, I head out with my children on a summer adventure of polo playing and pop-up-shops across the Northwestern United States in partnership with Airstream Northwest.

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We will launch the Airstream from our flagship store in Mill Valley, California and road trip up to Idaho for our first stop, celebrating the opening of a new ranch and polo field in the Idaho countryside.  After a few days in Sun Valley, we will wind up the interstate into Wyoming, Montana and Colorado, then loop back to Washington, Vancouver and Oregon before heading home to California in early August. 

I imagine I will meet and ride many amazing horses and get to know a lot of fellow equestrians and families vacationing along the way. I am certain I will fall in love with the picturesque and mountainous landscapes that surround these horse ranches and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you.

Playing polo

Photography by Dominic James

Although most of our adventure is in the Airstream or on horseback, you will also find us cooking amazing farm to table meals on the polo field with various partners at each location.

Throughout the adventure, we will share with you our polo and horse stories, our Airstream travel adventures, and our side stops to visit our favorite artisans.  As my career in the past has traversed in wine and food, you can bet we will have some amazing recipes and wines to entice you to get outside and cook this summer.

Be sure to stay tuned and keep in touch!

Happy Trails,


Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Have a glorious time Elizabeth. Look forward to photos.

Carole Young June 14, 2017

Please tell me you are coming to Sun Valley, Idaho!!!

Hollis Zimmer June 13, 2017

I’m super excited to see Stick and Ball on the road this summer. Can’t wait to see your amazing collection up close. Craftsmanship and quality is a beautiful thing! Safe travels.

Jillian Nelson June 13, 2017

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