Sun Valley

The 2017 Airstream Stick & Ball Polo Road Show has begun!  I departed Mill Valley, California from our Stick & Ball flagship store and headquarters at dusk, launching our Airstream adventure at night.  I traversed the Sierras and made it into the Nevada desert passed Reno very late into the evening.  In my haste to attend the opening of a new polo club in Idaho, I skipped coffee early the next morning.  This was a tragic mistake for my blurry eyes as I backtracked on the Interstate a few hours with the desert scenery looking mistakenly similar.  Lesson 1, GPS.  This mishap caused me to miss the match of the new Idaho club, Cotteral Farms, but I stopped in to say hello and headed to Sun Valley for the evening. 

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After the long drive, I unhitched the Airstream with my electric jack and was quite pleased with myself for making it all that way with no major errors.  My sigh of relief quickly turned into panic as I realized we were on a slope and the Airstream tires weren't anchored.  Having seen Wonder Woman the week before, I channeled my inner female hero to stop the rolling bullet and fortunately had small boulders close by to roll under the tire with my foot.  Lesson 2, anchor your Airstream tires. 

Sun Valley is a very special gem!  We hosted a lovely pop-up-shop event at the Nob Hill Inn helping to raise funds for an incredible charity, Higher Grounds, giving individuals with disabilities the opportunity to experience recreation & the outdoors without limitations.  We love leaving a philanthropic footprint with all of our travels and this certainly is a special charity. 

Sun Valley is filled with outdoor adventure.  The rivers ran wild from the snowfall preventing any fly fishing excursions, but the hiking was breathtaking and the dining was fabulous.  And as our brand is inspired by town and country living, we are thrilled to be working with Silver Creek Outfitters to retail the Stick & Ball collection in Sun Valley.  Silver Creek Outfitters, simply put, defines the Sun Valley lifestyle. From caddis flies to cashmere, they carry hand-selected items of the finest quality that will take you from a day on the river to an evening on the town.  Wow, sounds like our sister company.  We couldn't be more thrilled to begin working with them and look forward to our return to this beautiful town. 

Next stop, Wyoming!




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