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Entertaining in Season

Throughout my childhood in the South, the change of seasons was always punctuated by what was being harvested in the garden and the choice of fresh seafood and wild game available in certain months. Hence, any time the weather begins to change, it triggers many memories and aromas of gathering, cooking, and celebrating with family and friends in cadence with the season. This time of year is one of my favorite times for cooking as I have frozen end of summer tomato and pepper harvests and have gathered exciting West Coast fall favorites such as figs, persimmons, pomegranates, nuts, and avocados. Our proximity to the wine country and Napa, Sonoma, and Marin cheeses and wines gives our menu perfect and beautiful local...

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Alpaca: Peru's Fabulous Fiber

As a brand founded on an enchantment with horses and the lifestyle surrounding them, there is another animal that figures prominently in Stick & Ball's inspiration and collection: the alpaca. Since our inception in 2011, all of our luxury knit and woven products - ponchos, throws, and pillows - are made with 100% pure baby alpaca, a natural fiber gaining prominence in the fashion industry for its incredible attributes and sustainability. [powr-multi-slider id=0ab9c488_1509639097] Baby alpaca refers to the soft fleece carefully shorn from the underside of the animal's neck (not the age of the alpaca) and the fineness of the fiber - in technical terms, a diameter of 21 - 23 microns. In Peru, home to an estimated 3 million alpacas, it is said...

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Coast & Ranch: Polo in Santa Barbara

I was over the moon when the invitation came earlier this year from Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club to participate in their final matches and festivities of the 2017 polo season. What a perfect grand finale to our packed summer of pop up shops in amazing destinations, such as Jackson, Aspen, Vancouver, Portland, the Hamptons, and Greenwich! And then suddenly, with the blink of an eye and whirlwind of a summer, it was time to head south. [powr-multi-slider id=aebdd2a7_1508363872]The evening before my trip, I received an invitation from Meghan Gracida to join her and her husband Memo Gracida on my way down to "stick & ball" in Santa Ynez at sunset. Stick & Ball, as you know is our...

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Leather Love

"I love the smell of leather" is often one of the first things we hear from visitors to the Stick & Ball flagship store and our pop up shops around the country. It's a scent inextricably tied to equestrian life and also connects us to Fall - when a sharp new bag or wallet is the easiest way to step into the more polished style of the season.[powr-banner-slider id=66f5a96b_1507056682]Our signature bags, wallets, and newly arrived tassel keychains are made of vegetable-tanned Italian leather, which means they are free of harmful chemicals, using an old-world, artisanal process that offers a naturally earthy and woody scent. The process happens slowly in wooden drums using natural tannins found in bark, branches, leaves, and...

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Hamptons & Greenwich

The East Coast is steeped in heritage and tradition and by no means is there an exception when it comes to equestrian sports.  Two of the largest outdoor equestrian social scenes, the Hampton Classic and the East Coast Open Polo Tournament, are deep rooted events since the early 1900s and symbolize excellence, tradition, and sportsmanship with a heavy social scene to boot.  These events are the signature grand finale events of summer for many and wrapped up our own summer journey of pop-ups around the country. [powr-banner-slider id=9380835e_1505837145] This year was our second year with a pop-up-shop at the Hampton Classic Horse Show.   One of the largest outdoor horse shows in the United States, this premier destination show attracts the...

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